Because my car knowledge is pretty "broom broom"-level, I asked the experts at Jalopnik, "What car would you buy if someone had just paid you $544,000 to work in a strip club for 4 months?" You know, hypothetically.

Farrah Abraham, an actual human being for whom that situation is reality, chose the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sedan. According to the experts, she did okay. Not bad. Probably should have gone for the wagon.

Jason Torchinsky: Great question. I'd probably buy a dozen old shitboxes of various kinds.

Andrew Collins: alligator green Suburban on 30" rims... Raph shared it earlier

Raphael Orlove: yeah, that exact car. I would get that.

Jason Torchinsky: A Nissan Pao, a 2CV, VW Thing, Renault 4CV.

Andrew Collins: Jason, nobody who works at a strip club in America also knows what a Renalut 4CV is

Damon Lavrinc: If you're going for just pure conspicous consumption because you don't know any better a Bentley Continental GT Convertible is it

Andrew Collins: second Damon

Jason Torchinsky: You could do a Tesla, if you wanted to make a different statement, and have plenty of cash lft over

Jason Torchinsky: if I really wanted to blow money, I'd get a Singer 911 or an Icon something.

Tom McParland: As the resident "car buying" writer I would buy a Mercedes E63 Wagon and a Porsche Cayman GTS...then save the rest.

Jay Hathaway: Tom, Farrah Abraham went for the non-wagon. That was her answer.

Jason Torchinsky: it's a fine car

Jason Torchinsky: I had one for WIB

Tom McParland: Not bad Farrah...but now I want to change my answer...nope I would still get the wagon

Raphael Orlove: that is one fast way to spend something north of a hundred grand

Best of luck to Farrah in her future endeavors.