I love college football, I love gambling, I love winning. And while those three things are my first loves, I would also say I love my family and our ridiculously competitive ESPN College Pick Em tournament each fall.

I've performed well in previous years—last year I came in second—but I don't feel very confident about the upcoming season. Work and life are busy so I haven't had much time to read about teams, Deadspin is only posting ice bucket videos so no help there, thanks, and it's recently come to my attention that certain members of my family are paying real money to subscribe to websites that generate picks for them. Total horseshit.

As one of the young children in the family (we range from ages 29-41), I don't really have it in my September budget to pay for picks. But I have you guys to help, and that's better than any money / cheater website. So please, share your thoughts on this week's picks below. I only need a winner and a confidence score for each of the 10 games and I plan on submitting my picks on my phone after like 6 drinks tomorrow night.

I'm interested, especially, in potential upsets and your certainty of these upsets. I really want to win this year. I need a victory. I need you.

Thank you.