Say what you will of Lil B—he's a nonsensical below-average rapper; his persona amounts to nothing more than shitty performance art—but listen close and he might just make a believer out of you.

Unorthodox and entertaining and mystifying all at the same time, Cord sums up Lil B's complexity pretty well:

I've got a lot of thoughts and ideas I project onto Lil B, but they're mostly incoherent, and if I were to actually share them with Lil B he'd probably disagree with all of them. I think that video speaks for itself, but I will say that I reblogged it un-ironically. Also, while I happen to like Lil B's prolific nature, which I think is beautiful in its own right, I also think it's resulted in many people writing him off as a gimmicky joke, even when he does something good.