[guy's name] & other brain dead FUKTARDS

FYI I have a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science with a double minor in Chemistry & Psychology & I am also an M.D.

After the BP oil spill the number of contrails (or chemtrails) along the Gulf Coast dramatically increased. I saw the planes spraying on a daily basis with my own eyes. You can believe what you wish but I know the truth.

btw "chemtrails" is short for chemical trails & the patented fire extinguishing equipment on planes disperses TRAILS of CHEMICALS so technically they release "chemtrails"...derrrr

also to think they can NOT change the chemical dispersed to ANY chemical they want is just idiotic

for example from http://www.google.com/patents/US7413…

In one aspect of the aerial delivery system, the FLUID and/or material is selected from at least one of a WATER, GEL, POWDER, DECONTAMINATION COMPOUND, WEATHER MODIFICATION COMPOUND, OIL SPILL TREATMENT COMPOUND, and a firefighting compound.

All those degrees and he can't put a 'c' in "fucktards." The American education system is in shambles.