Chop't is a lunchtime sensation, but only the most serious Chop'theads know about the salad chain's incredible secret menu. These are the five lunches that will have your co-workers dripping with jealousy.

1. Harvest Cobb with Rat

Did you know you can easily spruce up one of Chop't's most popular menu items? That's right: just ask your salad artist to put a rat in your Harvest Cobb.

2. Caeser with Rat

You might be asking yourself, "Why would I go to Chop't and pay $9 for a Caeser salad/wrap?" Well, the Chop't secret menu solves that problem: just ask for a rat.

3. Mexicali Vegan with Rat

That's right: even vegans can get in on the Chop't secret menu. Slide up to your salad artist and whisper "Can I have some rat?" softly into her ear. Sometimes you just gotta reward yourself.

4. Palm Beach with Rat

If Chop't knows anything it's this: nothing says "I'm having a carefree lunch while on vacation in Florida" like a whole dead rat.

5. Modern Asian with Rat

Modern? Pssh. Jump right into the future of Chop't dining by literally eating a rat.