From: Rachel Rosenfelt
Date: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 4:14 PM
Subject: Gawker's greatest moments

Hey everyone,

I need to draw upon your collective institutional memory for an oral history: What do you think of as Gawker's greatest moments? —

Something in the vein of:

  • Gawker vs. Reddit
  • Gawker vs. 4Chan
  • Any key moments shaping the ethos of the "Gawker Tax" (links to posts that alienated advertisers that we let stand + some insider info would be helpful)
  • Memos like this:…
  • Our impressive alumni (not a 'moment,' but still...)
  • Other important stories we broke and their impact?

Just literally anything that has happened on our site, within the organization, or in the press that you think of as a win for team Gawker would be great. Before your time is welcome too!

If you have time today or tomorrow, that's perfect. The sooner, the better!


Rachel Rosenfelt | Executive Producer