Last year, Gawker ranked punctuation marks. This week, BuzzFeed Books ranked punctuation marks. Let’s look at how our respective rankings stack up.

Ranking Gawker (2013) BuzzFeed (2014) Δ
1 period exclamation mark
2 space em dash
3 exclamation point period
4 semicolon hyphen
5 em dash ellipsis
6 double quotation marks question mark
7 apostrophe parenthesis
8 question mark comma
9 comma semicolon
10 hyphen colon
11 colon en dash
12 en dash quotation mark
13 open parenthesis apostrophe
14 ellipsis NO ENTRY
15 close parenthesis NO ENTRY
16 single quotation marks NO ENTRY
17 close bracket NO ENTRY
18 open bracket NO ENTRY

Note: BuzzFeed did not rank the space, close bracket, open bracket, or single quotation marks; combined the open and closed parentheses into one ranking; and referred to the exclamation point as an exclamation mark, which according to BuzzFeed “is the best mark—simply because to feel is to be human.”