Campfire is a useful tool for editorial work and link-sharing but it's also a time sink and a trap.

Starting today I am going to start kicking people out of Campfire for 24-hour periods if they use it to argue about food, cities, music, movies, news, politics, or anything else that is smart (or at least funny) enough that it should appear on our website.

If you have stuff you want to talk about that doesn't have a direct editorial function, take it here, to Disputations.

Everyone on our masthead is an author who can start posts and comment. There are no rules to Disputations posts. They don't need headlines or art. They don't need to be current or newsy or interesting to anyone besides yourself. They will not be shared over to the front page (necessarily). You are not obligated to approve or star comments, or encourage outsiders, or invite people (though go ahead if you feel like it). The next time you have a link or a joke or an argument that you would otherwise drop into Campfire or put on Twitter, put it here instead.