Beyoncé covered Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" during a recent On the Run tour stop, which will only add fuel to the rumor that she and Jay Z are on the outs. All of the supposed hints she's been dropping about her impending divorce make ZERO sense for her brand of airtight nondisclosure. I think this is all theater, or perhaps promo for...something.

But maybe I just believe too much in love to be willing to accept that Beyoncé and Jay Z soon may be no longer.

I'll tell ya what, though: The idea that Solange's elevator freakout had anything to do with anything between Bey and Jay is nonsense. Someone who was at the Met Gala told me the actual problem was that Solange was drunk and making a fool of herself. When she was kicked out, she got pissed that Jay didn't stand up for her. You know I ain't one to gossip, though, so you didn't hear that from me.