Bard College alum and Politico reporter Dylan Byers assesses the recent career arc of fellow Bard alum and MSNBC host Ronan Farrow:

In 2014, he was given a daytime cable talk show on MSNBC, where he instantly drew some of the lowest ratings in cable news. One week in July, struggling for viewers, he used Emojis to explain racial diversity. The following day, he interviewed the B-level actress Tara Reid about her new TV-movie “Sharknado 2,” a sequel to the TV movie “Sharknado,” because MSNBC and SyFy share the same corporate parent and wanted to achieve what’s known as “cross-platform synergy.”

It is currently unclear whether Gawker senior editor Leah Finnegan, another Bard alum, has a stake in this Bard drama. I’ve invited all three Bard alumni into the discussion below.